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Welcome to my blog !

4 Creating a Pod

Published at June 7, 2021 ·  1 min read

We are now ready to deploy our Hugo app. To start, we will create a single Pod. Create a pod Create a file called pod.yml: katarinabrookfield@KatsMac hugo-site % vi pod.yml Enter the following info into the pod.yml file: apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod metadata: name: hugo-site-pod labels: project: hugo-site spec: containers: - name: web-ctr image: katbrookfield/hugo-site ports: - containerPort: 8080 Deploy the app Run the following command to deploy the app:...

3 Creating a Linode Kubernetes Cluster

Published at June 7, 2021 ·  2 min read

In previous post, we have containerized Hugo and pushed the image to our Docker Hub registry. Now we need a Kubernetes cluster to run this container on. There are several options, from using local kind, building your own Kubernetes cluster to multiple cloud offerings. I will be using Linode to host my Kubernetes cluster as it is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows me to run this test app, as well as to deploy load-balancers and other tools further down the line....

2 Creating a Docker Container

Published at June 7, 2021 ·  3 min read

Now that we have Hugo site created locally, we need to put it in a container. You don’t have to use Docker as your container runtime but it still seems to be the most popular option so I’m going to stick to it. Creating a Docker file I have tried to write the Dockerfile from scratch, however it is still not working exactly how I want it to. I will keep working on it and once done, I will publish an update....

1 Working With Hugo

Published at June 7, 2021 ·  2 min read

I am using Hugo to generate static sites for this blog. As I am on a Mac using Brew, I will be using it to install Hugo. If you are using a different OS you can follow installation instructions on Installation Run following commands in your favourite terminal: brew install hugo hugo version You should see output similar to this: hugo version hugo v0.83.1+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=unknown Selecting a Theme There are a lot of Themes to choose from....


Published at June 7, 2021 ·  1 min read

Hi, I’m Kat, welcome to my blog! I am currently learning Kubernetes and needed a little test app to practice with. I have decided to use Hugo to live-document my journey and will be publishing posts as I go along and change the configuration. Few disclaimers before we start: Ideas in this blog are not solely mine, I am bulding on examples I have encountered during my studies, mainly from following sources (I will be updating this list):...